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The Riverina Dairy Facilities

The Riverina Dairy takes it's name from the agricultural heartland of Australia where its facilities are located. The Riverina, otherwise known as 'Australia's Food Bowl', is located in south-western NSW bordered on the south by the state of Victoria and on the east by the Great Dividing Range.

The Riverina is renowned for its clean air, rich fertile soils, temperate climate and high rain fall, which together have allowed the region to develop into one of the most productive and agriculturally diverse areas of Australia, making it famous for producing high-quality clean produce.

It is here, just outside Corowa at Riverina Milk, that The Riverina Dairy raises its dairy cattle and produces the high quality milk which is then transported to its production facility in Albury just 70km down the road, to be used to make The Riverina Dairy's premium cheeses and yoghurts.


Riverina Dairy Facilities

Available at Woolworths

Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin Dip

Tasty dipping sauce!